Enhancing Learning with Automatic Audio: Enabling Text-to-Speech in Blooket

Enabling Automatic Audio (Text to Speech) in Blooket

Enabling Automatic Audio (Text to Speech) in Blooket

Enabling Automatic Audio (Text to Speech) in Blooket

Blooket, an interactive learning platform, has stepped up to this challenge by incorporating an automatic text-to-speech feature.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of enabling automatic audio (text-to-speech) in Blooket, offering an inclusive and engaging learning experience for all.

The Significance of Text-to-Speech in Education

Before we delve into the steps of enabling automatic audio in Blooket, let’s explore why text-to-speech is a valuable addition to educational technology:

  1. Accessibility: Text-to-speech technology makes educational content accessible to a wide range of learners, including those with visual impairments, dyslexia, or reading difficulties.
  2. Multimodal Learning: It enhances the learning experience by providing an additional channel for comprehension, allowing students to hear the text alongside reading it.
  3. Engagement: Many students find audio narration engaging and are more likely to stay focused on the material.
  4. Support for Multilingual Learners: Text-to-speech can be beneficial for students learning a new language, as they can listen to proper pronunciation and intonation.
  5. Assistance with Pronunciation: It helps students with pronunciation and fluency when learning new words.

Enabling Automatic Audio (Text-to-Speech) in Blooket: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now, let’s explore how to enable automatic audio (text-to-speech) in Blooket to make your educational content more accessible:

  • Access Your Blooket Account: Start by opening your web browser and navigating to the Blooket website. If you don’t have an account, you can create one easily. For existing users, log in using your credentials.
  • Create or Edit a Game: You can enable text-to-speech in an existing game or when creating a new one. If you’re creating a new game, select the game type (e.g., Classic, Tower Defense, etc.), and set up your questions and answers as usual.
Enabling Automatic Audio (Text to Speech) in Blooket
Enabling Automatic Audio (Text to Speech) in Blooket
  • Enable Text-to-Speech: To enable text-to-speech for a specific question, simply check the “Enable Text-to-Speech” box. This option is available when adding or editing a question. You can enable text-to-speech for individual questions, making it a versatile tool to suit your needs.

Enabling Automatic Audio (Text to Speech) in Blooket

  • Save Your Changes: Be sure to save the changes you’ve made to the question settings.
  • Start or Share the Game: Once you’ve enabled text-to-speech for your questions, you can either start the game if you’re the host or share the game code with your students. When students join the game, they will have the option to enable text-to-speech for themselves.
  • Participants’ Experience: When students participate in the game, they can activate text-to-speech for questions by clicking on the speaker icon next to the question. This will read the question and answer choices aloud, enhancing their comprehension.
  • Customize the Speed: Participants can also customize the speech speed to their preference for a comfortable listening experience.
  • Monitor and Review: As the game progresses, you can monitor how participants are engaging with the text-to-speech feature. After the game ends, you can review the results and gather insights into how it affected learning and participation.


Enabling automatic audio (text-to-speech) in Blooket is a valuable tool for educators aiming to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment.

This feature enhances accessibility, making educational content available to a diverse range of learners, and encourages engagement through multimodal learning.

By providing students with the option to listen to questions and answers, Blooket ensures that no learner is left behind, regardless of their individual needs and preferences. This accessibility feature adds a layer of dynamism to the learning process, promoting comprehension and retention.

Whether you are an educator looking to support students with diverse learning needs or simply seeking to enhance the overall engagement in your classroom, Blooket’s text-to-speech feature is a powerful addition to your toolkit.